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How does the TRANSLATOR 24/7 telephone interpreting service work?

Telephone interpreting is an innovative system by which an interpreter is made available immediately on the telephone for a number of parties who speak different languages. The telephone interpreter translates consecutively – one statement at a time.

The system‘s greatest advantages are its immediacy, and the fact that it is an efficient, less expensive alternative to the traditional type of interpreting service, for which an interpreter must be present on location.

This is how TRANSLATOR 24/7 works

1. Call telephone number
Call the telephone number for your desired language.

2. Direct connection to the telephone interpreter
You will be connected to the next available telephone interpreter. The interpreter on the telephone speaks the language combination you have selected.

3. Now you can choose from two options

  • Either over the loudspeaker of your telephone
    If you and your discussion partner are at the same location, explain to the telephone interpreter the initial situation and the subject of the discussion. Now turn on the telephone’s loudspeaker, in order to conduct the discussion together with the telephone interpreter.

or, as a second option:

  • You conduct the discussion as a three-way conference
    You and your discussion partner are not at the same location – for example, your discussion partner is in another country or in another room. First, you explain to the telephone interpreter the initial situation and the subject of the discussion. Then, you call the desired discussion partner by pressing a key (#) and entering her or his telephone number. With the help of the telephone interpreter, the three-way conference can begin immediately.

4. Minute-based and simple billing for the interpreter service via TRANSLATOR 24/7
The billing takes place subsequently and very simply on your telephone bill – without any registration costs or minimum fee!