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Areas of use for the service TRANSLATOR 24/7

Interpreter service by telephone for IQ networks, Job Centers, Schools and Educational/Training Institutions
Helps children, parents and adults with different native languages in communication, information, and the sharing of personal data, etc.

Interpreter service by telephone for hospitals, first-aid stations and healthcare
Enables the explanation of personal medical history and ensures an orderly provision of information and case history discussion with foreign patients.

Interpreter service by telephone for refugee shelters and initial reception centers
Helps minimize language barriers in the care and reception of refugees.

Interpreter service by telephone for industrial enterprises

Interpreter service by telephone for authorities, official agencies and communities, and charitable institutions (“Community Interpreting”)
Helps persons who do not speak German well in many routine daily activities.

What is “Community Interpreting“?
The expression “Community Interpreting“ generally refers to a situation in which interpreting is conducted for an entire group of persons: for example, for families.

This often involves refugees or immigrants who require interpreting for communication with authorities or social welfare offices.

For an interpreter who wishes to be active in the area of Community Interpreting, a number of requirements come into play.

Among others, she or he must of course speak the required languages properly, whereby it must be noted that this may involve linguistic minorities and particular dialects (for example, African tribal languages) which do not belong to the broad spectrum of standard languages.

Furthermore, the interpreter must have at his or her disposal the proper amount of insight into human nature, as well as negotiating skill, and must be capable of dealing with people effectively.